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In today’s world, there’s a growing awareness that we all have a crucial part in shaping the future. It’s a shared responsibility that transcends borders and industries. Each of us, in our own way, has the power to make a positive impact by adopting responsible practices in our daily lives. From reducing waste to conserving resources, the collective effort of individuals and communities is vital in creating a more responsible world for generations to come.

recycled stainless steel

Dorotea is produced from 91% post-consumer recycled stainless steel. This means that the stainless steel has had a past life. In addition to being extremely durable, stainless steel can be melted down and transformed into new products without losing its properties and qualities.

Stainless steel can be endlessly recycled, meaning it is a material that keeps on giving.


Crafted from FSC-certified paper and cardboard, our packaging embraces recycled materials and a single-material structure, while being eco-friendly with soy ink printing. The user-friendly design allows effortless label removal and convenient stacking. Remarkably, it curtails material consumption and boasts reduced volume compared to our current design. This conscientious choice not only enhances practicality but also infuses a lasting touch of Scandinavian elegance, showcasing our commitment to responsible and elegant solutions.

from generation to generation


Cutlery crafted from stainless steel is more than just utensils; it’s a testament to timeless durability. These pieces are designed to withstand the test of time, often becoming cherished heirlooms passed down from one generation to the next. The craftsmanship behind this enduring stainless-steel cutlery is a tradition that artisans have tirelessly honed and continue to perfect. Their dedication to improving the artistry ensures that each set of cutlery not only serves its practical purpose but also carries with it a legacy of craftsmanship that endures through the ages.