Monica Förster

Monica Förster (b. 1966) is one of Sweden’s most internationally acclaimed and award-winning designers. Her upbringing in the small village of Dorotea in northern Sweden was marked by a strong interest in food and the set table, as her father was one of Sweden’s leading chefs. Monica Förster’s design is characterised by a considered simplicity that is free of unnecessary details, and she is driven by a great curiosity about new materials and manufacturing methods.


The design is inspired by the natural area around the small village of
Dorotea. Here, ice has created a landscape of mountains, valleys and
large open areas which together form soft, fluid shapes that endlessly
flow together. This transition is often overlooked, but the adventurous and
surprising part of the design lies precisely here. With its minimalist and
organic shapes, the Dorotea collection combines tradition and artisanal
design on an international level.

The stainless steel products of the collection is produced from 91% post-consumer recycled stainless steel which can be melted down and transformed into new products without losing its properties and qualities.


With Dorotea cutlery, Monica Förster has created a modern classic in matte
finish stainless steel. Dorotea is distinguished by a dramatic shape which is
distinctive yet soft. The perfect balance of the cutlery brings harmony to any
table setting. Dorotea is a timeless cutlery that combines Gense’s tradition
and craftsmanship with design at an international level.