Gunnar Cyrén

Gunnar Cyrén (1931-2013) was one of Sweden’s most masterful designers
specialising in metal and glass. As a glass artist, silversmith and industrial
designer, he was hugely important in Danish and Swedish glass art and
silver work from the 1960s to the 1990s. His work is represented in museums
around the world and has received multiple awards, and he was also
awarded the title of professor by the Swedish government.


Nobel was created by Gunnar Cyrén to mark the 90th anniversary of the
Nobel Prize and has already become a classic. The cutlery is inspired by
the beginning of the nineteenth century and the silver belonging to the
King of Sweden, Karl XIV Johan. A design that is unmistakably Swedish,
but with new details that surprise. Nobel adds that little something extra,
whether you choose to set your table traditionally with white tablecloths
and candelabra, or in a modern and trendy style with new materials and table decorations. Nobel is crafted from stainless steel with a lightly brushed
handle and mirror-finish bowl, blade or tines, and it is still used at the annual
Nobel Prize award ceremonies and banquet in Stockholm.