Carl Philip Bernadotte

Carl Philip Bernadotte (b. 1979) studied graphic design at the Rhode Island
School of Design in the USA and at the Forsberg School in Stockholm.
He has a lifelong passion for Scandinavian design. The design aesthetic is
often graphic and always based on the function of the object. The style is
modern while staying true to the Scandinavian design heritage.

CPB 2091

CPB 2091 was launched in 2009 as the first new silver cutlery collection in
more than 30 years. The numbers 2091 stand for the year 2009 and model
number 1. The look is urban and architectural, with evident inspiration from
the urban architecture of metropolises such as Berlin and New York. The
modern shape of the cutlery stylishly unites both aesthetics and functionality.
The design is easily recognisable as the knife, fork and spoon share the
same rounded contours.