stainless steel

Focus de luxe

Folke Arström designed Focus de Luxe for Gense in 1955. Today, Focus
de Luxe is a stylish retro classic with a timeless and functional design. The
interesting feature of this cutlery is the knife’s short blade and the fact
that the fork, knife and spoon are the same length. Likewise, the handle is
equally long on all three pieces. Focus de Luxe has been a collector’s item
for many years. The cutlery has been hailed by the New York Times as one
of the “100 best designed products of modern times”.


Folke Arström

Folke Arström (1907-1997) began his career in 1930 in Stockholm as an artist
and industrial designer. He was one of Sweden’s most prominent designers
during the 1940s and 1950s. A position that made him an important member
of the first generation of proud Scandinavian designers. Folke Arström was
also Gense’s artistic director in the early 1940s.